After four weeks of touring, I am now back home. It has been a great four weeks, played a lot of squash and met a lot of people. In my last tournament I lost my semi final to Peter Creed. It was a good match, just could not keep the intensity high enough I felt. Learned a lot this trip, and I am really looking forward to get back into training. A massive “Thank you” to André Driessen, making this trip possible for me, you know how much this mean to me. Also a big “Thanks” to the Powers, Stephenson, Harvey and Feighan family that provided me with a ‘home’ the last couple of weeks. It is so much nicer staying in a ‘real home’ instead of a hotel.

The coming few months I am going to focus on my physical side in the training. Strength and mobility to be more specific. I got a bit insecure last year being injured a lot. Being in top physical shape will help me to prevent injury. With the help of my physical trainer Johan Versluijs,  I feel confident that in a few months I will be physically ready to defend my National title.

First I will take a few days to relax and be fresh to start this goal! Peace out for now..