Happy to win my quarter final against Bart Ravelli. Final score was 3-2, it was close, I think I made a few to many errors in certain stages of the match, which got me in a position to battle out a fifth game. Also Bart was pumped up and kept going and not making many errors, he played well. In the end I think I settled down, found¬†better length and made the court bigger for him, which he struggled with. Yes I am happy that I won, but also did not got into my flow. It felt like work tonight, and to be honest I am searching to get into that zone where it all goes naturally. It happens in stages, and the fact I write “I am searching” says it all I guess. I am confident that it will happen though, it might as well be tomorrow!

So tomorrow I will play Pi√ędro again, last year we played the final, this year we meet in the semis. A new day tomorrow, get some good sleep tonight, recover well and prepare for battle. This is it, let’s do it, be.

Picture by www.planetxam.nl