Today was the first day at the Russian OpenĀ here in Moscow where if all went to plan I had to play two matches. First match was against the Wildcard, and I won quite comfortable 3-0. Second match was against the #7 seed Yuri Farneti. I had played Yuri a few months back in Berlin, then I won 3-1, today the same, I won 3-1 again. It was a very tough match, Yuri has good hands and is a fit player, so was hard to brake him down. In the end the experience helped me to win. Very happy to be back on court and actually move well, it has been a while. Also a special thanks to Erik Clifford, who I have known since I was five years old I think. Erik has a great talent for coaching and is helping me a lot this weekend.

Tomorrow I will play Daniel Poleshchuk in the semi final. Only played Daniel once last year in February. Let see what happens tomorrow, I will keep you posted!