Yesterday I won my quarter final in a quite strange encounter with Auguste Dussourd. After losing the first game 11-5 I had to change my game, and I picked up the pace. It seemed to work, I was now 10-4 up, but Auguste twisted his ankle on this point. He got a 15 minute injury break, and it did not seem as if he was going to walk again. The second game was almost finished anyway, and in the third it looked like he could not move (11-2). All of a sudden in the fourth a miracle recovery, he was now moving again. This got me mentally a bit, and forgot why I was winning the second game. I lost the fourth, and a bit frustrated with myself obviously. In the fifth I picked up the pace again, and eventually I won.

A weird match, but happy I won. I wish Auguste a good recovery, allthough I am not sure how bad it is, hope he did not make it worse. Today I will play my semi final against Joshua Masters at 5:30 PM local time.