Unfortunately I did not make it to the final again here in Salzburg, I lost 3-1 to Joshua Masters. Not fully happy with my performance, I feel I let myself down in the first to games, being a bit passice and impacient. In the third I stepped up and pushed the pace, this worked, I just could not sustain. All credits to Joshua who has been playing good squash. All the best to him in the final.

Live and learn I guess. Happy to be playing without any injury though. Like I have been saying, it has been a tough year for me fysically, just recently I have had a breakthrough after seeing an ostheopath who found out why I was getting injury after injury. My goal is to be completely fit again in September, and from there on work on my ranking again.

Big shout out to Aqeel Rehman and his team, who have been great organising this event for eleven(!) years already. Next up for me is the European Team Championships in Poland. After that I will play two more PSA events before heading to Rhodes.