Back in Salzburg for the Austrian Open, where last year I made it to the final. A great setting here in Europark, all credits to Aqeel Rehman who has been organising this tournament for eleven years now. Which of the last two times in the Europark shopping mall with a glass court!

Originally I was seeded 2nd, but with the withdrawl of Jaymie Haycocks I now top the seeds. Yesterday I played my first match, and won 3/0. Happy to win in three, the level is close, so winning in three is good! Also for recovery, and with one match a day I can fully recover for my next match.

So today I will play the quarter final against Auguste Dussourd, I know who he is, but have not played him before. And on a glass court squash is always a little bit different. Give it my all, see what happens..!