First day is over, and we are still in the race to go through to the semi final. First of we won two and lost two matches against Germany. We won on third and fourth position (Dylan and Bart). This means that Pië and I lost. Personally I felt like I played OK, not my best but certainly not my worst, every match I feel like I am improving and more important my body is still in one piece!

Second match against England we all lost. Allthough Pië almost beat Willstrop, but just came short in the fifth. I played Chris Simpson, again I felt I did not play badly, just got outplayed by a very sharp and good moving opponent. Great experience to play these guys today, gives me an indication of where I am (squash wise) and what I have to work on in the coming months!

Tomorrow a crucial match against Finland, hope we can do well. Recover now, it has been a tough first day!