The tournament is over, we did not make it to the semi final based on games, and we also did not stay in the A group, also based on games. If we would have beaten Spain in our last match, we would have became fifth. But we tied, and that means we became seventh, and so we drop to the B group next year. Very disappointed with the result, esspecially when it was such a close call. Three of the five matches were a tie (we won two we lost two matches), one we lost to the eventual winner (England) and one we won by winning al matches against Ireland. This is also sport, you win some you lose some, it is what it is.

Personally I feel disappointed in my last performance of the tournament. Against Spain I felt I should at least have won a game. Also in other matches I was close to winning a game, but just could not finish it. Something to look at when I get home and analyse the matches. For now take a few days of to recover, it has been a tough week. Next up for me is Zurich!