It has been a while since I have posted something on my blog. Also it has been a while since I have been on the squash court. Last time was in Rhodes end of June(!). The reason for the break is my body not willing to perform to the level I need it to compete on my level. So I am taking a break of squash. This could be for some more days, weeks or even months. As long as it will take. The idea behind it is to come back stronger as ever or not at all.

Last year has not been great to say the least. Looking back at it now I can see that last season was doomed to fail even before I started. I guess it is always easier to say and see this after, at least I experience this now and will learn from it for the better.

So what do I do when I am not playing squash. I (graphic) design, fix-up (old) road bikes and spent quality time with family and friends. Also I am seeing my physiotherapist, an osteopath and a reflexology therapist to recover. It has been nine weeks already and I am starting to feel the urge again, which is a good sign. Having said that, I am not planning when I start playing squash or training again, it totally depends on how I feel.

Just wanted to inform anyone who is interested! This was it for now.. Oh, in the picture a bike I have just finished for my physical coach and beneath it sweaters and t-shirt’s I have designed for anyone who is interested. Just e-mail me if you are (